Why Cdot Design?

Cdot Design Studio is a Boutique Design Firm based in Phoenix, AZ. As a recognized 20-year design veteran, Carrie Hupp launched Cdot Design Studio in 2011 with the core philosophies of commitment, collaboration & loyalty to her clients, colleagues, and peers. She curates a full-service design experience for local and national projects.

Our Philosophy

Cdot Design Studio strives to never do the same thing twice. We are always pushing ourselves and our clients to trust in our design process and use past work as a source of inspiration to create one-of-a-kind spaces. We value the trust we have built with repeat clients over the years and ask that new clients allow us to walk them through the design journey with ease to create an elevated, authentic space that reflects them, their life, and their surroundings. 

We are a loyal bunch and committed to using the best trades, vendors, and craftsmen. Lucky for you, we have weeded through many over the past 20+ years and have the very best at our side.

Our Studio

Our Founder and Director of Design, Carrie Hupp, has lived in Phoenix since she was six, so the desert is definitely home. Carrie attended Northern Arizona University and earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and hit the ground running back to the warmth and bustle of Phoenix. Carrie began her career at a prominent design firm in Scottsdale and worked her way from an Intern as a student to Senior Designer over ten years. With that wealth of knowledge and a changing market, Carrie was eager to explore more within her industry so she spent several years digging into the commercial furniture and commercial flooring industries at the top dealerships in Arizona. In 2011, her love for design drew her back, which is when she launched Cdot Design Studio.